Tools & Features

A Unique Mix of Features

Account Features


The Analytics page shows all global data for Crosswise DEX. Trade volume, token pair liquidity, etc.

Wallet Summary

Users can easily get an overview of their wallet assets across networks.

Crosswise Explorer

The Crosswise “Explorer” aims to provide users with a way to stay on top of important developments. Our explorer offers users a way to stay up to date with:

  • New farms and pools

  • Important industry & Crosswise news

  • new tokens listed on Crosswise

  • listed token airdrops

Account Area

Users have access to a personal account area to access support and set preferences to personalize their experience. Features will include:

  • Personal profile

  • Global Vesting & Auto Compounding settings

  • Gasless mode toggle

  • Email & chat support

  • Notification settings

Portfolio Tracker

Whereas most third-party tracking dapps will only provide a current snapshot view of your portfolio, our built-in Portfolio Tracker will provide users historical performance data. Data will include:

  • Summary account statistics

  • Historical movement of assets

  • Value of CRSS and XCRSS

  • Total value in Farms

  • Total value in Pools

More features will be added based on user-demand.

Referral Program

We want to reward users that spread the word about Crosswise. Our referral program pays affiliates 1% of lifetime referees' rewards. Every user can generate a unique link to invite new users to the Crosswise ecosystem.

Mass Harvest & Stake

Our Mass Harvest and Stake feature is designed to save both time and transaction fees when collecting pool rewards. It allows users to harvest their rewards and re-stake them in one operation!

Vesting Toggle

Rewards are usually vested over 5 months. Switching vesting off enables Instant Rewards, which burns 25% of CRSS rewards, but provides an instant payout. Users can switch vesting on or off, but will need to choose their setting before adding LP or remove LP, set settings, then re-add it.

Price Charts

We intend to make it easier for users to make informed decisions by extending built-in chart functionality. Not only will have our own price charts, covering all assets traded on the DEX, but users will also be able to:

  • Quickly see the latest swaps for a token pair, liquidity, and trading volume

  • Add token pairs / LPs to a watchlist

  • Set price movement alerts

  • See the number of holders

  • See the market capitalization

  • More functionality to be added on demand

Platform Features


Crosswise will build cross-chain bridges using a node architecture to enhance interoperability between different blockchain networks. This will enable timely swaps across networks.

Bridging fees will total 0.1% of the transaction amount. 0.05% will go to the treasury, and 0.05% is used to buy back and burn CRSS token.

Secure Subgraph

We've integrated our graph with "The Graph" thus creating a secure and safe subgraph. "The Graph" is an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS. The Crosswise team will build and publish open APIs, called subgraphs, making data easily accessible. Any other websites can read our graph and integrate our price data. This also allows us to list as a full DEX and provide price data to popular websites such as Coinmaketcap and Coingecko.

Gasless Feature

Crosswise has integrated Biconomy's API to offer gasless swaps across networks excluding Ethereum. Instead of paying gas, users simple sign transaction with their wallet. Users can trade at will without worrying about gas transaction fees.


Crosswise wants to involve the community and stakeholders in making important decisions on rate changes, feature upgrades, and more. We will establish mechanisms to facilitate deliberative processes that will be blockchain-based. Users will be able to submit proposals and put them to a community vote. Voting rights will be based on holdings, but not necessarily in a proportional way.

Bot & Front-Running Deterrents

We wish to avoid the distortion and price manipulation that bots can create, and keep users as shielded from such activity as possible. Crosswise uses a range of technical measures to limit such activity.

In addition we use Chainlink Price Feeds to secure us from flash loan attacks and use other front-running deterrents to make front-running unprofitable.

Projects listing on Crosswise will have choice to use these measures for their tokens.

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