Pre-Sale Details

The Crosswise Pre-Sale


The Crosswise pre-sale is self-hosted and exclusively available at Once we launch in December users will be able to access the pre-sale page at to claim their tokens for up to a year.

Price Schedule

We initially planned to only have a single round of pre-sale. However Round 1 sold out well ahead of time and we received a lot of requests for a second round. This matter was put to a community vote, which supported a second round with a greater than 70% majority.

As a result the hard cap was increased from 1.1M BUSD to 1.85M BUSD and an additional 1M CRSS were minted for Round 2. A total of 4M CRSS tokens have been minted for the pre-sale, which is 8% of the Max Supply of 50M.

Round 1

Round 2


The launch price will be set to 0.95 BUSD

Vesting Schedule

Tokens are vested within 5 months linearly, with 20% unlock every 30 days, starting from time of purchase. Every 30 days, 20% of that batch of tokens will be unlocked. Once unlocked, you can withdraw them to your wallet. 

Please add the CRSS token address to your wallet so that you see them in your assets when you withdraw them:


We recommend leaving your tokens until we launch in December. At that point you can withdraw the unlocked balance and use it to farm or provide liquidity to earn more CRSS!

Please note that if you buy more than once in a single round, your last purchase date will overwrite your previous purchase date and restart the 30 day countdown.

To avoid this from happening, please either buy in one time, or whitelist another wallet.

Mandatory Token Upgrade

Our work with CertiK pinpointed a small yet potentially important technical issue in our token contract. We carefully considered our options and whilst we could address the issue in a later update, opting for this route would cause greater inconvenience to a greater number of people, especially liquidity providers. We’ve therefore decided to address the issue right away. We’re sorry for the minor inconvenience caused, but upgrading now is by far the less disruptive option.

For those who invested in the pre-sale, the only required action will be to convert your Pre-Sale CRSS token to V1.1 CRSS on our pre-sale page at Users will need to withdraw their unlocked Pre-sale CRSS to their wallet, in order to then convert their tokens on the "Tokens" page.

Please note that you will not be able to swap or use Pre-Sale or V1 CRSS tokens anywhere else, so this is a mandatory upgrade. Once the pre-sale closes you will be able to easily convert your tokens on our website with 2 clicks.

Token Contracts

To facilitate keeping track of the movements you may find it helpful to add the token addresses to your wallet:




Pre-Sale Closure

The Crosswise pre-sale was closed on 2nd Jan 2022 at 2PM UTC. Of a total 4M CRSS, almost 3,679,993 were sold. We raised a total of almost 1,593,995 BUSD. As planned, we bought back the remaining 320,006.25 CRSS, to be used for future liquidity. The CRSS bought back will vest within 5 months as all tokens bought during pre-sale.

Launch Date

CRSS token will be launched on our Crosswise DEX. A launch date has been set for 10th January 2022 at 10AM UTC.

Soft Cap

Soft cap is 200,000 BUSD

Hard Cap

Hard cap is 1,850,000 BUSD

Max Buy

Each wallet can buy a maximum of 25,000 BUSD worth of CRSS per round during the pre-sale.


Crosswise development was self-funded and there was no private sale, no VC or team tokens.

Fund Allocation

Eligibility & Whitelisting

All individuals are welcome to participate in our pre-sale. To limit bot activity we require you to whitelist your wallet. Please submit your details at:

How to Buy

For full instructions as well as a video tutorial, please go to:

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