Crosswise Launchpad

Project Launch Incubator

Crosswise will feature a launchpad for budding entrepreneurs to seamlessly raise funds and deploy their token on our DEX. Select projects will also have the option to enroll in our incubator program. Project teams can choose to launch on specific chains, as well as provide cross-chain liquidity.

Launchpad Features

Staging Area

Project owners can deploy tokens with pre-added liquidity and a scheduled time for launch. This enables teams to focus on the project itself rather than the mechanics of deploying and distributing tokens.

Token Allocation Distribution

Project teams can transparently schedule the automatic distribution of tokens allocated. For example a team might wish to distribute the raised funds into separate marketing, development, treasury wallets.

Automatic LP lock

The crosswise platform automatically locks liquidity and transparently displays the lockup details.

Anti-Bot / Liquidity Sniping

Crosswise has implemented measures to protect tokens from bots which could drain liquidity.


Our anti-whale feature limits whale influence. This works by enabling the anti-whale router which limits transaction size. Project teams can choose a maximum swap threshold in the range of 0.5-2% of total supply.

Token Vetting Process

Crosswise aims to provide a safe and secure environment for our users. In contrast to most DEXs, Crosswise will only list vetted tokens. Projects submissions follow a screening protocol that encompasses technical tests, checking audit reports, LP locks and verifying team details.

Incubation Program

The incubation program will help budding entrepreneurs launch projects, offering a one-stop solution with the full development, marketing and funding support from the Crosswise ecosystem. Assistance will be provided in the following areas:

  • Finding the best jurisdiction and business structure

  • Designing of tokenomics & schedules for vesting periods

  • Technical assistance

  • Finding vetted service providers

  • Access to the Crosswise marketing & KOL network

  • Access to the Crosswise IDO platform

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