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The internet boomed once barriers to entry were significantly reduced. From domain names to hosting and payment providers, as key technologies became sufficiently accessible and integrated, creative development became very progressive in the realm of online developments and activities.

Similarly, today’s blockchain and crypto world resembles an island archipelago, with numerous disparate ecosystem “islands”. Fragmented, lacking in security, difficult to scale and synchronize, the world of blockchain strongly requires greater integration and interoperability to achieve mass adoption.

Crosswise.Finance intends to be a driving force contributing to these integration efforts in the DeFi space, by bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized finance.

Crosswise.Finance is inspired by the intention to integrate the capabilities of CeFi into DeFi, bringing together the best of both worlds - effectively implementing fundamental safeguards and security measures, governance and profit sharing, cross-chain transactions, verified DEX listings and scalable utility tools within our ecosystem.

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